Building sustainable and intelligent communities.

We as humans are more connected and informed today, than we were 10 or 15+ years ago. The underlying factor that connects us and brings us together as a human race, is undeniably dependent on the technology we all use. It is certainly not far fetched, to describe technology as a reflection of the entire human race consciousness.

We believe the future of human race will totally depend on the transparency and seamlessness of technology integration with human intelligence and effort.

At Levitating Elephant, we invest in research to identify existing gaps and future road map for an efficient connected living. All our design and development work is focussed upon developing products, that can add to the existing intelligence and effort of man-kind for an efficient, sustainable, productive and connected community living.

We aim to connect 1 billion resources – humans, machines, and other smart devicesĀ  into a seamlessly integrated community that will drive the future sustainability andĀ  growth of the human race.