A technology research, design, development and investment company.

Levitating Elephant stems from the heart of a working class team. All our innovations are deeply inspired by a single common goal – of empowering the last mile workers. The tools and products that we develop are focussed towards transforming their lives with added skills and intelligence for a value driven, rich and a content life.

All our ideas are funnelled through rigorous research and prototype testing of technical, operational, financial and more importantly value driven impact to the target user group; before launching it commercially.

We have been able to build a global team, who are equally dedicated and loyal to the cause. As a team we strongly believe that all our efforts should create – Sustainability, Efficiency & Wealth – to everyone associated with LevitatingElephant.

Levitating Elephant was officially registered as a Private Limited company in
July, 2019; in Goa (India).