Harnessing the human and machine intelligence to build the new era of technologies, for a balanced, sustainable  and an efficient future.

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The future of the human race is going to be governed by a cumulative consciousness,  built on man-machine intelligence.


People first, Research and Design Thinking has always been at the core of our decision making metrics and technology adoption.


Harnessing the power of CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE through innovative technology and products

An application for a new-age team of connected people, bots and machines for productive teamwork.


MVP Market Testing

An application that connects people with data over a chat or video, through a conversational virtual assistant.



An application for motorised vehicles for smart assisted control or fully autonomous automotive.


Research & Documentation

The team powered by vision, passion, leadership and trust.

Rajiv Thakur Founder of Levitating Elephant Technologies

Rajiv Thakur

Founder and Director

Rajiv comes in with more than 20 years of experience in Product Design, Solution  Prototyping and Business Consulting.

Co Founder of Levitating Elephant Technologies

Rohit Tiwari

Co-Founder and Director

Rohit comes in with more than 20 years of experience in global Dealer & Distributor Network Management, b2b and b2c Sales.

Sanjeev Chibber Co Founder Levitating Elephant Technologies

Sanjeev Chibber

Co-Founder and Director

Sanjeev is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a life mentor; heading global businesses in infrastructure, retail and e-commerce.


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